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Health Wallet

​​We help you organize your personalized health data in minutes in order to generate insights and access research studies for you.

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Harness the Power of Your Data


Health Records

Access your Medications, Doctor Notes, Diagnostic Reports, Lab Results, Encounters, Family History, Vital Signs, and Social History from our connected 4200+ Health Systems


Within minutes, we generate patient information that gives you new insight into your health history.



See trends from your health data over time.

How it Works


You’ll need your current government-issued photo ID.


Access to your mobile phone with a camera and email addresses.


Input your physical  addresses up to the past 15 years.


We care about your privacy and security

Your privacy matters. We know how critical it is for your health data to be safe and secure. We do not share your data without your consent.

We follow industry standard encryption methods to keep your data safe and secure. Data is safeguarded from unauthorized access.

We empower everyone to turn their health data into an asset.

Let us connect you with opportunities!

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