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Become an Ambassador for Multiple Myeloma

Share your cancer stories with us and Connect

with other people fighting multiple myeloma.

Multiple Myeloma Ambassador Program

We are excited to announce the launch of our new Multiple Myeloma Ambassador Program. In this program, we will foster a community of people fighting multiple myeloma by providing you to join a podcast (if you feel comfortable) so other people battling multiple myeloma at all points in their journeys can learn. This space is a safe space for people battling multiple myeloma to share their stories, their fears, and their hopes with others in similar situations.

  • Pay it forward - Help improve multiple myeloma treatments for others

  • $100 referral bonus - per eligible* person who received CAR-T treatment referred

  • Share your journey - Join a CAR-T podcast for other people fighting multiple myeloma

Why Join?

What do brand ambassadors do?

Recruit potential  patients who received CAR-T treatment to fight multiple myeloma to join our paid study 

Share their journey on a CAR-T specific podcast to share stories to other people with Multiple Myeloma

Share personal feedback/ deas to add value to people fighting multiple myeloma

Never feel Alone. This community is proof You should never feel alone.

Welcome, to the Multiple Myeloma Ambassador Program.

Become a Multiple Myeloma Ambassador
Have you been diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma?
Hav you had CAR T treatment?

Thanks for filling out our form! We appreciate your support!

* Qualified patient determined by Polygon Health

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