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Put your health data to work for:

- Your providers who are treating you and supporting your health care needs

- Researchers searching for new treatments and cures

- And YOU to find opportunities to improve your health and even make money

A happy and enthusiastic person ready to easily access her health records with Polygon Health.

Take control of your data and find opportunities.

Within minutes you can access your health data free in our mobile app all in one place and then look for opportunities to help providers, researchers, and you.

Personalized Insights

You'll be able to view insights designed just for you and your healthcare journey.


How it Works

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Access your health data to find opportunities to improve your health


Turn your health data into an asset

We want to empower everyone to turn their health data into an asset. We support providers, researchers, and you by helping each utilize health data to improve treatments and open new opportunities.

It's time for you to be in control.

We care about your privacy and security

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