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Make a difference by joining a remote research study on multiple myeloma and CAR-T therapy.

If eligible, you will get, $750 to keep for yourself or donate to a multiple myeloma charity.


Know someone who is eligible? Earn $100 by referring a patient who has received CAR-T cell therapy. 



Earn Money or Donate

If eligible, you will get $750 to keep for yourself or donate to a multiple myeloma charity.

Learn More about your Health

Learn about the experiences of other people with multiple myeloma who have received CAR-T cell therapy.

Contribute to Research​

Help advance research toward improving treatment and finding a cure for multiple myeloma.

How it Works

We make real-world data studies easy, safe, and rewarding.

Sign up and wait for further instructions

Provide consent and download our app to access your electronic health records

Find out if you're approved to participate in this remote study 

Get paid or donate, and gain access to study results on you and others 





Study Details


Multiple Myeloma CAR-T Cell Therapy Paid Remote Research Study



$750 per eligible participant paid via PayPal or donate $750 to the multiple myeloma charity of your choice.


Earn $100 to be paid via PayPal for referring someone!

Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis.


The objective of this study is to collect and analyze real-world data on the treatment and management of participants with multiple myeloma to identify patterns, trends, and outcomes. This study aims to provide insights that can inform the development of more effective treatments and improve patient outcomes.



This is a retrospective observational study that will use data from electronic health records of multiple myeloma participants. The data will be collected from participating hospitals and clinics across the country. The study will collect data on patient demographics, medical history, treatment regimen, and outcomes such as response rate, progression-free survival, and overall survival. The data will be analyzed using statistical methods to identify patterns and trends.


  • Received CAR-T cell therapy infusion

  • Had 1 or more follow-up provider visits

  • Are 18 years of age or older and are a United States citizen

  • You did not receive CAR-T treatment as part of a clinical trial


  • Diagnosed with amyloid light-chain amyloidosis any time before CAR-T infusion

  • Had any invasive malignancy other than multiple myeloma prior to the CAR-T infusion

  • Currently in a clinical trial receiving cohort treatment

Expected Results: 

This study aims to provide insights into the effectiveness of different treatment regimens for multiple myeloma and identify factors that may influence patient outcomes. The study results will be shared with participating hospitals and clinics and the life sciences company sponsoring the study.

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